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Classic Travertine Tiles & Pavers – Rustica Grade

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About Classic Travertine Tiles & Pavers

This is Classic Travertine with an Unfilled and Tumbled finish, and is available in Rustica, Standard and Premium grades.

Suitable for internal and external use, around pools and entertaining areas, as well as walls.

This travertine tile has more natural air holing which occurs in ALL travertine BUT it has a little more of it, which we recommend being filled with our travertine colour matched grout if desired for easier maintenance. CONFUSED…..We explain our different grades of travertine in the TAB “Premium V Standard V Rustica Grades Explained.”


Premium V Standard V Rustica Grades Explained

Before purchasing your travertine tiles or pavers, it is important to understand the basic industry terms in order to choose the grade & travertine tiles most appropriate for your purposes. The most popular grade in Australia is standard grade, due to its overall performance rating and value for money.
Travertine Grades are as follows…

Premium Grade Travertine (Whatever Colour)

  • This grade offers the greatest selection of inclusive colours with some inclusions of gray or black markings in the travertine tiles surface.
  • These travertine tiles are carefully chosen to be more consistent in colour and surface honing.
  • None of the travertine tiles of this grade will have large holes migrating through the tile from top to bottom.
  • Any small holes can easily be filled during the grouting process with colour matched Mapei grout
  • The tumbled edges of the tiles are smooth and corner edges are more intact.
  • This Travertine should be sealed after the entire installation process has finished with a penetrating sealer such as TASMAM STONESHIELD
  • Performance Rating 9
  • Value for Money Rating 7
  • Overall Rating 8

Standard Grade (Australia’s Most Popular Choice)

  • This grade offers the second largest diverse selection of travertine tile colours, with slightly more inclusions of gray or black markings.
  • The travertine tiles are still carefully chosen to have reasonably consistent colours throughout each batch, BUT more variation will definitely occur.
  • Some large holes are allowed in standard grade travertine tiles. Additionally, rarely some holes may be filled through the full thickness of the tile.
  • The tiles colour may contain some striations or swirls.
  • The edges of the tumbled tiles are smooth and occassionally have small parts of the corner missing due to the tumbling process.
  • Should be sealed after installation process has finished with a penetrating sealer such as TASMAM STONESHIELD.
  • Performance Rating 9
  • Value for Money Rating 9
  • Overall Rating 9

Rustica Grade (Budget Grade)

  • Large color variations are allowed within the tile including gray or black markings.
    Small to large unfilled holes are allowed as are small defects in sizing and honing. The tiles are not filled and should be filled with colour matched grout during grouting.
  • It is acceptable for large voids to be filled during grouting process with a colour matched grout from Mapei.
  • Holes that run from the surface to the bottom of the tile are allowed.
  • Edges may be cracked or broken.
  • Tiles may be delivered without color selection or sorting.
  • Can be left to age gracefully over time, aquiring that aged look.
  • Performance Rating 7
  • Value for Money Rating 9
  • Overall Rating 8

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