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Travertine French Pattern Tiles & Pavers

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What are the benefits of using Travertine French Pattern Tiles & Pavers?

Let me explain the benefits of laying travertine tiles and pavers in a French pattern!

First of all, let me start by saying that travertine is a type of natural stone that’s commonly used for outdoor flooring, such as patios, walkways, and pool decks. It has a unique texture and color that can add an elegant touch to any outdoor space.

Now, let’s talk about the French pattern. This is a specific way of laying the travertine tiles and pavers that creates a beautiful, repeating pattern that’s both stylish and functional.

Here are some of the benefits of using the French pattern with travertine:

  1. It looks amazing: The French pattern is a classic design that has been used for centuries. It creates a timeless, elegant look that can instantly elevate the appearance of any outdoor space.

  2. It’s versatile: The French pattern can be used with any size of travertine tile or paver. This means that you can create a custom look that fits your specific style and preferences.

  3. It’s durable: Travertine is a strong, durable material that can withstand the elements and heavy foot traffic. When installed correctly, the French pattern can last for years with minimal maintenance.

  4. It’s slip-resistant: Travertine has a natural texture that provides good traction, even when wet. This makes it a great choice for pool decks and other areas where people will be walking barefoot.

  5. It’s easy to clean: Travertine is a low-maintenance material that can be easily cleaned with a mild soap and water. This means that you can spend more time enjoying your outdoor space and less time cleaning it.

Overall, laying travertine tiles and pavers in a French pattern can add beauty, functionality, and durability to any outdoor space. Whether you’re looking to create a stylish patio or a functional walkway, the French pattern is a great choice that’s sure to impress.

Travertine is a versatile natural stone that looks even better when patterned in a French style. It helps create an unusual, harmonious design by using varying sized stone tiles, which connects every paver together effortlessly.

French pattern tiles are stunning in a range of applications, including wall cladding, and create a classic, timeless appeal.

We’re convinced that our French pattern travertine tiles will enhance your desired environment without breaking the budget, whether you’re wanting to instal travertine tiles indoors or outdoors.

Don’t worry, we understand how overwhelming it might be at first, but we’re here to assist you. Below is a diagram to show you where each piece goes and how to continue the pattern.

Start tiling from the outside in and work your way in, this will assist you avoid making too many cuts. Some people prefer to go from the centre out while working on a square area, although you’ll almost certainly need to trim all edges once you get to them.

We package our Travertine in a way that makes it easier for you.

Because a single pattern is 1.5m2, we’ve split it into two packs so you can identify which parts belong where and avoid getting tiles jumbled up!