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Travertine is a natural stone that comes from limestone. It’s super popular for tiles and pavers, especially in outdoor spaces like patios and pool areas. It is available in a wide array of colours from soft creams like IVORY to coffee colours of NOCE and of course to beautiful light silvery greys tones on a creamy white background of SILVER.

You’ve got options! Common sizes include 610x406mm, French Pattern, 610x610mm, and even smaller like 406x406mm. Its also now available in crazy paving or flagstone pavers. Generally its available in 12mm or 30mm thickness.

Nah, not in the slightest. Travertine has a natural texture that gives good grip, even when it’s wet. So no slip ‘n slides here!

Most travertine pavers are around 30mm thick, that’s like the width of your thumb! Whilst travertine tiles are usually 12mm thick. 

Sure thing! Travertine can jazz up indoor spaces too. Just make sure to seal them if you’re using them in wet areas like bathrooms. Great in the family rooms, and REMEMBER only use the 12mm tiles please or the 20mm crazy paving…NO THICKER inside!

Easy peasy! Just use a mild soap and water combo. Stay away from harsh chemicals, and you’re good to go.

Travertine can change a bit over time, getting a bit lighter . Some folks love that natural aging look! BUT generally there is little colour change as can be seen at one of the OLDEST travertine buildings in the world.. THE COLOSSEUM.

Nope, that’s the cool part! Each tile has its own personality with unique colours and patterns. It’s like a natural work of art. Thats why the copycats will never prevail like porcelain or ceramic imitations!

Travertine can hang around for years if you take good care of them. So, they’re definitely a long-term relationship!

You can find travertine tiles and pavers at tile stores or online. Look for reputable places with good reviews to get the best bang for your buck. Remember that you DON’T have to pay a fortune for GREAT travertine tiles and pavers.

Travertine tiles have a cool, earthy vibe with subtle patterns. They come in shades like ivory, beige, and even warm browns. Overall they have a very soothing calm neutrallity effect.

Totally! Travertine is like nature’s gift to outdoor spaces. It’s durable and can handle the sun, rain, and even pool splashes. It is known for its heat and salt resistance.

Absolutely! Travertine is like the VIP of pool areas. It’s not only stylish but also stays cool under your feet. PLUS its extremely salt resistant. The PERFECT tile for paving around swimming pools.

Not really. They’re pretty low-maintenance. Just give them a gentle clean every now and then to keep them looking fresh. Simply sweep them or occassionally give them a light gernie with a pressure washer.

Well, they’re not super cheap, but they’re not crazy expensive either. It’s like investing in a stylish upgrade for your space. As a rough guide expect to pay between $50m2 to $79m2 for 12mm tiles OR $89m2 to $129m2 for 30mm pavers.

If you’re handy, you could give it a shot. But honestly, getting a pro to install them might be a safer bet. If its outside give it a crack. 12mm is generally easier for the DIY to install, and FRENCH PATTERN is VERY forgiving.

Hmm, driveways can be pretty tough on tiles. While travertine tiles at 12mm are strong, it might not be the best choice for heavy vehicle traffic. Our preference is for travertine pavers at 30mm = PERFECTION!

You betcha! A French pattern is like a mix of different-sized tiles that create a cool pattern. It’s like playing tile Tetris. You can get them in XL or JUMBO sized french pattern.

Totally! Patios are one of the best spots for travertine tiles. Just make sure the base is nice and even for a smooth install.

For sure! Travertine adds a touch of rustic charm around fireplaces. Just keep in mind that extreme heat might not be its best friend.