Ivory Travertine Tiles – Premium Grade

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Premium Non Slip Ivory Travertine Tiles with a brushed and unfilled surface and tumbled edges in a French Pattern or 610x406x12mm.

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Premium Ivory Travertine with a brushed and unfilled surface and tumbled edges in a French Pattern or 610x406x12mm.

Ivory Travertine premium grade offers the greatest selection of colours with NO inclusions of gray or black markings in the travertine tiles surface. The travertine tiles are carefully chosen to be more consistent in colour and surface honing. None of the travertine tiles of this grade will have large holes migrating through the tile from top to bottom. You will get small surface pore holes. Yes you will still get minor surface pore holing that will not travel through the tile, these are the reason it has basically a non slip surface. The tumbled edges of the tiles are smooth and corner edges are more intact, BUT you can still expect to get occasional small corners missing. $$$$$ By far the most expensive of the Travertine range.

Other sizes available by request

We deliver travertine pavers, tiles and pool coping door to door to all suburbs in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide and Hobart. We also deliver to any regional area in Australia at reasonable freight rates.

Ivory Travertine, oh, what a vision of delicate beauty and ethereal grace! Like the gentle rays of the morning sun, this natural stone embraces you in a warm and serene embrace, transporting you to a realm of timeless elegance.

Imagine stepping into a sunlit sanctuary, where a soft, creamy palette envelops your senses with a soothing aura. That’s the essence of Ivory Travertine. Its subtle variations of ivory, ranging from creamy whispers to gentle hints of beige, create a harmonious symphony of colors that emanate tranquility and serenity.

Running your fingers across the surface of Ivory Travertine is akin to caressing satin. Its smooth and velvety texture invites you to indulge in tactile pleasures, igniting a sense of comfort and luxury. With each touch, you can feel the gentle warmth radiating from the stone, as if it carries the essence of sunlit afternoons.

But Ivory Travertine’s allure extends beyond its touch. It reveals its true splendor through the captivating patterns that dance upon its surface. Delicate veins, like ethereal brushstrokes, traverse the stone, creating a tapestry of intricate designs that seem almost hand-painted. These veins, ranging from subtle whispers to bold strokes, tell a story of time and nature’s artistry, making each slab of Ivory Travertine a unique masterpiece.

Whether used as flooring, wall cladding, or as a countertop in a luxurious kitchen, Ivory Travertine exudes an understated elegance that transcends trends and time. It effortlessly enhances any space, infusing it with a sense of refined sophistication and inviting serenity.

Under the soft glow of ambient lighting, Ivory Travertine takes on a radiant glow, illuminating the room with a gentle luminosity. It becomes a canvas upon which light and shadows play, casting delicate patterns that add depth and dimension to its already mesmerizing surface. Each step upon its creamy expanse is a reminder of the inherent beauty found in nature’s embrace.

In outdoor settings, Ivory Travertine creates an oasis of tranquility, a haven of peaceful retreat. Its creamy tones harmonize with nature’s palette, merging seamlessly with lush landscapes and sun-kissed gardens. Whether adorning a patio, a pathway, or even a cascading waterfall, Ivory Travertine breathes life into the surroundings, infusing them with an air of sophistication and serenity.

Ivory Travertine is not simply a stone; it’s a symphony of elegance and grace. Its ivory hues soothe the soul, its patterns tell stories of time, and its presence transforms any space into a sanctuary of refined beauty. Embrace the essence of Ivory Travertine, and let its timeless charm envelop you in a world of timeless elegance.

Brian Cox
Cooma, New South Wales
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Looked everywhere for quality travertine and I'm glad I found it here. Very compeititve prices even with shipping. Great good old fashioned customer service. 5 stars
Don & Brenda
Mt Gambier, South Australia
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We are very impressed with the travertine stone pavers! Looks sensational around our patio area and pool. Nonstop compliments from our friends and relos
Nelson Singh
Lauceston, Tasmania
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Your travertine tiles are just WOW! They are just beautiful. Best prices and best customers service
Jennie Markos
Mount Martha, Victoria
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The travertine is simply gorgeous! I love the colours of my silver travertine for my pool area.