Shell White Limestone Outdoor Tiles

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Not your average white paver, this limestone has an added depth and warmth in the stone colour with the inclusion of tiny fossils. If you don’t want a stark white look, choose Shell White Limestone.

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Creamy White Limestone Tiles with Fossil Intrusions, like a glimpse into the Earth’s captivating history, transport you to a realm where time stands still. These exquisite tiles bear the essence of ancient landscapes, adorned with a creamy white backdrop that exudes purity and elegance. As you delve deeper, delicate fossil intrusions weave a tale of long-forgotten creatures, etching their imprint upon the stone’s surface.

Imagine stepping into a sunlit cave, where soft rays illuminate the ethereal beauty of the limestone. Creamy White Limestone Tiles emanate a gentle radiance, casting a warm and inviting glow upon your surroundings. The pristine white colour palette evokes a sense of serenity, while subtle variations in tone create a canvas that is both captivating and soothing to the eye.

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Brian Cox
Cooma, New South Wales
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Looked everywhere for quality travertine and I'm glad I found it here. Very compeititve prices even with shipping. Great good old fashioned customer service. 5 stars
Don & Brenda
Mt Gambier, South Australia
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We are very impressed with the travertine stone pavers! Looks sensational around our patio area and pool. Nonstop compliments from our friends and relos
Nelson Singh
Lauceston, Tasmania
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Your travertine tiles are just WOW! They are just beautiful. Best prices and best customers service
Jennie Markos
Mount Martha, Victoria
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The travertine is simply gorgeous! I love the colours of my silver travertine for my pool area.