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Ask us a Question about Travertine!

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Request a Travertine Free Sample

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Generally speaking we recommend following these basic rules:

  • Outdoor tiles or paving we recommend a tumbled and unfilled tile or paver. This ensures a maximum non slip surface.
  • Indoor floor or wall tiles we recommend using honed and filled or for a more rustic effect tumbled and grout filled ( we have colour matched grout specifically manufactured for each travertine colour)



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Generally speaking here in Australia these are the most popular colours and surface finishes:

  • Outdoor tiles or paving we recommend a tumbled and unfilled IVORY travertine. Rustica is also very popular in Melbourne due to its very natural pitted surface ( which if preferred can be colour match grout filled). This ensures a maximum non slip surface.
  • Indoor floor or wall tiles the 2 most popular colours are Ivory or Silver travertine. As a rule the Silver Oyster is often the preferred option due to the fact that it often has a light creamy beige background with silver swirl highlights. The surface finish often preferred internally is honed and filled. BUT if you are looking for a more rustic or rural farmhouse effect I would suggest using the unfilled tumbled and grouting with our colour matched travertine grout.



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Durability and Maintenance of Travertine FlooringTravertine is a very durablematerial in flooring to heavy traffic. Also, it is a very hard material when compared with marble. … Because travertine is porous, it can be susceptible to spills and stains.

  • DURABILITY. Travertine Tile flooring is exceptionally durable.
  • FLOOR TILES. Travertine floor OR wall tiles when installed on a white based adhesive bed are EXTREMELY durable in both a domestic OR commercial installation. Minimum ongoing maintenance is required.
  • OUTDOOR TILES. Wether installed on a driveway or around a swimming pool travertine tiles or paving will not only delight you it will last the test of time. Due to the hardness (density) and low porosity you will be amazed at how it constantly looks beautiful wether 1 day old or 10yrs. 



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[/et_pb_text][et_pb_toggle admin_label=”Where can it be used?” global_parent=”3037″ _builder_version=”3.19.17″ title=”What areas are suited to the installation of travertine?” title_font=”|700|||||||”]

  • Internal Floor Tiles 12mm Thickness (Walls & Floors)
    Family Room, Kitchen, Bathroom, Bedrooms and beyond.
  • External 12mm Outdoor Tiles Thickness (Must have a concrete slab down)
    Pool Paving, Pergola, Pathways, Driveways, Feature Walls
  • Internal 30mm Thickness Step Treads
    Step treads, Floating or not completely supported surfaces, Benchtops
  • External 30mm Thickness Travertine Pavers  ( Can be layed on a sand base)
    Pool Coping, Driveways, Steps, Capping, General Paving, Step Treads, Stepping Stones.

    Travertine is one of mother natures most enduring and timeless floor covering solutions. Travertine has stood the test of time from use as a floor tile in Roman villas to the building of the coliseum. Travertine as you can see from our above specifications usage as a floor or wall tile to an outside tile paving around your swimming pool. 






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  • Internal Floor and Wall Tile Prices
    As a general rule you would expect to pay between $44m2 through to $69m2 dependent on tile size and colour. Silver starts at $46m2 whilst Ivory is only $42m2 in french pattern. The following are areas in a house where travertine is frequently installed;
    Family Room, Kitchen, Bathroom, Bedrooms and beyond.
  • Outside Tiles and Pavers Travertine Prices
    You can expect to pay between $36m2 – $49m2 for 12mm tiles whilst 30mm thick pavers will vary between $39m2 – $69m2. The following outside areas are frequently paved in travertine:
    Pool Paving, Pergola, Pathways, Driveways, Feature Walls
  • External Step tread Paving and Pool Coping Tiles
    When paving the edge of a swimming pool we usually install drop face pool coping tiles on cement pools and 30mm thick tumbled coping tiles on fibreglass swimming pools. Expect to pay between $44pc – $89pc for drop face depending on colour selected and wether you require a 40mm OR 75mm drop face. Whilst 30mm tumbled edge pool coping pavers are $20pc – $30pc dependent solely on the colour selected. The following outside areas are frequently paved in these types of travertine:
    Pool Coping, Driveways, Steps, Capping, General Paving, Step Treads, Stepping Stones.





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Travertine not only comes in standard tile sizes but is available in various french Pattern Designs…

  • STANDARD FRENCH PATTERN TRAVERTINE. This travertine pattern is probably the most popular travertine tile design installed here in Australia. Sometimes referred to as Versailles Pattern it combines the following sizes to form a unique tiling pattern; 610×406, 410×203, 203×203, 406×406 all in mm. This pattern is extremely well suited to both smaller areas and large areas of paving.
  • JUMBO FRENCH PATTERN TRAVERTINE. As the reference to jumbo implies, it is the extra large version of travertine french pattern. Well suited to large internal floors or large outdoor paving areas. We prefer this travertine pattern in rooms of at least 80m2 or outside paving areas in excess of 100m2 total area.

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[/et_pb_text][et_pb_toggle admin_label=”Is Turkish Travertine the best?” global_parent=”3037″ _builder_version=”3.19.17″ title=”Is Turkish Travertine the best?” title_font=”|700|||||||”]

When purchasing your travertine tiles or pavers we recommend selecting travertine from Turkey. The reasons for selecting Turkish travertine are as follows:

  • VALUE FOR MONEY. Turkish Travertine we believe represents TRUE value for money. As we deal DIRECTLY with the quarry owners and over time built a strong relationship we are offered 1st choice on the quarry blocks available for cutting into tiles or pavers. So not only can we GUARANTEE the best prices the quality at these low price levels is exceptional and others in the industry cannot offer the same.
  • COLOUR SELECTION. Unlike Iranian or Italian travertine, the colour selection available in Turkish travertine is simply unequalled from anywhere in the world. Silver, Ivory, Brown, White pure colours to the multicoloured blends that we have achieved allow Turkish travertine to blend in to most if not ALL modern decor trends.






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  • Travertine here in Australia is believe it or not based on U.S sizes. Whilst French pattern or Versailles pattern is the most popular size here in Australia, if you require a rectangular shaped tile or paver it will be 610mm x 406mm x 12mm or 30mm thick. Commonly stocked by the bigger retailers in a square shape is 610mm x 610mm x 12mm or 30mm thick. But when dealing with us we can virtually supply any custom size required.
  • Pool coping tiles are usually stocked in a tumbled or bullnose edge in 610mm(L) x 406mm(W) x 30mm(T) or 610mm x 610mm x 30mm.
  • Drop face pool coping is usually stocked in 610mm(L) x 406mm(W) x 40mm(D)x20mm(thickness at back of tile) OR with a 75mm Drop.





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[/et_pb_text][et_pb_toggle admin_label=”Should I seal Travertine?” global_parent=”3037″ _builder_version=”3.19.17″ title=”Should I seal my Travertine once installed?” title_font=”|700|||||||”]

It has long been our view that it is not necessary to seal travertine around swimming pools. However travertine should always be sealed in the following instances – in or around BBQ areas, driveways, ALL internal wall or floor applications, Outside entertainment areas where you will eat food.
Today’s sealers make it very easy to seal your travertine. We have 2 main types of surface penetrating sealers (non slip):

  • Stone Shield – being nearly invisible.
  • Colour Enhance – highlighting the natural colour variation and highlights in each natural stone tile






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It has long been our view that it is not necessary to seal travertine around swimming pools. However travertine should always be sealed in the following instances – in or around BBQ areas, driveways, ALL internal wall or floor applications, Outside entertainment areas where you will eat food.
Today’s sealers make it very easy to seal your travertine. We have 2 main types of surface penetrating sealers (non slip):

  • Stone Shield – being nearly invisible.
  • Colour Enhance – highlighting the natural colour variation and highlights in each natural stone tile





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The Benefits For YOU, by Shopping with Travertine Tiles PL

Travertine, limestone and marble tiles, pavers, coping and respective accessories is all that we sell. We are not a flooring store; we are a specialised dealer of premium quality travertine, limestone and marble natural stone tiles, pavers and accessories for indoor and outdoor use.

Unlike most retailers, we are also the importers. We do not wholesale our travertine tiles like some others, this enables us to sell directly to the public and trade at prices BELOW wholesale. We work directly with the top quarries and sellers in Turkey and throughout Europe and Asia to bring in the best possible quality natural stone travertine tiles at a fraction of the price you will find anywhere else in Australia. Currently, we import in excess of 290 containers ( approx 232,000m2) of travertine tiles alone on an annual basis. This makes us one of the top two importers nationwide, and we are able to pass our cost savings onto our customers. We stand by our promise to offer our clients TRUE value for money travertine paving.

Our Company

In business since 1980, we are here to provide our customers with materials, information, advice and support in all their indoor and outdoor projects involving natural stone tiles. Our staff of over 15 employees have experience in working with natural stone, and many have extensive experience with travertine pavers and tiles.

To add to our business, we have a large showroom along with 3 warehouses. This enables us to hold high stock levels of all of our travertine. Whilst our large showroom and virtual online showroom ( its just like being there) allows our customers to get ideas and inspiration and to see the potential our travertine, limestone and marble and natural stone pavers and tiles offer.

Come in and see our showroom, and explore the possibilities of adding travertine, marble and natural stone to your home interior and exterior flooring and bathrooms. You can also give us a call at 0397069767 to get started on your flooring project today.

YES We do Custom Fabrication

There are certain projects that require a bit more attention than others.  Where the standard, off-the-shelf materials are just not the perfect fit for your dream projects.  That is why we offer our clients custom fabrication.

If you need:

  • Custom Size Travertine Tiles
  • Bullnose added to one or more edges of a tile or paver
  • Radius Cuts
  • Template Customized Cuts.

Let us handle all the dirty work for you and we can ship you ready to install travertine materials.  Call us for pricing 0397069767


We work with a network of vetted established major logistic companies, experts in shipping Natural Stone throughout the Australia. as well as multiple International Logistic leaders shipping our products throughout the world. There are numerous options relative to your order to accommodate your preferred shipping method. Some of the different shipping methods are outlined below.


  • Residential Delivery with tailgate lifter service
  • Business to business
  • Medium Sized Box truck
  • Semi Trailer/Flatbed Truck

Once the proper shipping method for your order is determined the carrier information will be provided to you.


Carrier will contact you at delivery time to schedule delivery appointment, customers are responsible to provide accurate contact information. If the carrier can’t contact the customer, the customers may have to pay additional storage/shipping/warehouse charges.

Once the delivery appointment is established by the carrier the below steps need to be taken to complete the delivery process. In the event of damaged to your stone during transit these steps below will allow us to expedite any claim for replacement material.

  • When the crates/skids arrive have someone there to inspect them and sign that you have received..
  • Inspect the crates/skids PRIOR to signing the delivery receipt and notate if there is any visible damage that occurred during transit. (Important note* We will not ship any crate/skid that is damaged or the integrity compromised, so if there is visible damage it occurred during transit)
  • Take photos of any visible damage to the crates/skids and material.
  • Make note of number of damaged pieces and crates/skids on the delivery receipt prior to signing.
  • Take photo of delivery receipt (if possible) with your comments notating the damage.

*If you find concealed damage that occurred during transit, please take photographs immediately prior to removing the material from its original packing and contact your Sales Representative immediately. In this industry it is acceptable for 5% breakage. Any pieces that arrive broken may be used in areas where cuts need to be made.

Travertine Tiles Shipping Methods

Business to Business (Dock Delivery)

  • The order is dispatched from a third-party carrier.
  • You receive the order at your commercial loading dock (customer responsible for providing the equipment to offload)

Residential Curbside Delivery with Tailgate Lift service

  • Order goes to your residence from our warehouse, via third-party carrier truck
  • Order is lowered down to your curbside using power lift gate

Travertine Tiles Melbourne

Tautliner Box Truck Deliveries

If your order is more than 8-16 tonne into a residential area a Box Truck delivery is required :

  • Order goes to your residence or job site from our warehouse, via third-party commercial carrier truck
  • Receiver is responsible for equipment to offload material (pallet jack/forklift)

Designated Truck (Semi trailer/Flatbed)

Truckload orders

  • Order goes to your residence or job site from our warehouse, via third-party carrier’s designated truck
  • Receiver is responsible for equipment to offload material (pallet jack/forklift)

Travertine Tiles Sydney

Travertine Tiles Sydney deliveries are carried out as above

Travertine Tiles Brisbane deliveries are also carried out as above as are Travertine Tiles Melbourne deliveries