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Should I seal Travertine?


It has long been our view that it is not necessary to seal travertine around swimming pools. BUT travertine should always be sealed in the following instances - in or around BBQ areas, Driveways, ALL internal wall or floor applications, Outside entertainment areas where you will eat food.
Today's sealers make it VERY easy to seal your travertine. We have 2 main types of PENETRATING sealer (non slip), being STONE SHIELD (invisible) or ENHANCE ( makes colour differences more vibrant).


Where can it be used?


  Internal 12mm Thickness (Walls & Floors)
Family Room, Kitchen, Bathroom, Bedrooms and beyond. 
External 12mm Thickness (Must have a concrete slab down)
Pool Paving, Pergola, Pathways, Driveways, Feature Walls
Internal 30mm Thickness
Step Streads, Floating or not completely supported surfaces, Benchtops
External 30mm Thickness  ( Can be layed on a sand base)
Pool Coping, Driveways, Steps, Capping, General Paving, Step Treads, Stepping Stones. 





What sizes are available?



Travertine here in Australia is believe it or not based on U.S sizes. Whilst French pattern or Versailles pattern is the most popular size here in Australia, if you require a rectangular shaped tile or paver it will be 610mm x 406mm x 12mm or 30mm thick. Commonly stocked by the bigger retailers in a square shape is 610mm x 610mm x 12mm or 30mm thick. But when dealing with us we can VERTUALLY supply any custom size required.

Pool coping tiles are usually stocked in a tumbled or bullnose edge in 610mm(L) x 406mm(W) x 30mm(T) or 610mm x 610mm x 30mm. Drop face pool coping is usually stocked in 610mm(L) x 406mm(W) x 40mm(D)x20mm(thickness at back of tile) OR with a 75mm Drop.



What finishes are available?