Why is travertine the right choice for everyones outdoor tile project?

Why you should choose travertine tiles for your next outdoor tiling project

Travertine Tiles around a swimming pool in Brighton Victoria

Travertine is a popular choice for an outdoor tile because it is a natural stone with a unique, rustic look. It is also durable and resistant to weathering. Colours available in travertine tiles are Beige, Ivory, Gold, Noce, Walnut, Silver, and White. Travertine can be used around swimming pools, outdoor patios and BBQ’s, but it is important to seal the tiles to prevent staining around BBQ’s. The slip resistance of travertine tiles can vary depending on the finish and sealant applied, generally speaking a ivory travertine with a brushed or honed finish and tumbled will have a non slip rating of P5. It is important to choose a tile with a slip-resistant finish and to maintain the tile properly to ensure safety. Travertine has good heat resistance when used outdoors, and will be walkable in bare feet even in 30-40 degree temperatures. Please visit our main website STONE PAVERS-travertine, for more information