Why You Should Use Non Slip Travertine Tiles Around Your Swimming Pool

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Homeowners have a lot of paving and landscaping options today – for both the front and backyards for outdoor tiles. Pool Paving is an eternal part of most of households and people love to make it look just perfect to guests – when entertaining at their homes. Choosing the right outdoor tiles for pool surrounds is quite a difficult task. We have a wide range of outdoor tile options for your pool surrounds and our expert installers and stonemasons also provide paving designs and ideas complement your home and of course to suit your budget! Non slip Travertine tiles are the ideal choice for pool coping and paving. Here are a few top benefits that Travertine tiles offer:


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Water absorbency is the prime requirement of pool surrounds because water is constantly present around swimming pools. Travertine absorbs more water than any other paving material. Light colour shades in Travertine are 25-35% cooler than other natural stones and concrete pavers.

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You get to choose from many travertine colours – Ivory, Noce, AntiqueWhite, Silver Travertine.
Being slip resistant, Travertine is relatively safer when compared to many of outdoor tile alternatives. It is extremely strong and does not fade over the years unlike most concrete pavers.

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Colour, pattern, texture, and particularly surface of the pavers/tiles are important, when they are being chosen for pool surrounds. A variety of pavers and tiles are usually chosen for pool surrounds; however, nothing can give you the advantages that Travertine does! Travertine offers a stunning look to your pool surrounds and overall home area.

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